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Founded in 2007, 13Mann published their first German Rolemaster book on 07/07/2007, which was the “Rolemaster Grundregelwerk” (Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, the base rule book from Rolemaster Fantasy). Located in Duesseldorf, Germany, their company published several more tabletop RPG books under the Rolemaster license.
The founding members of 13Mann have been playing Rolemaster themselves for years and years. The company’s CEO, Bernd Blecha (who is also writing this text), is looking back on the embarrassingly long time of over 25 years with Rolemaster. But that is also a credit to the game, since it is able to keep players interested for such a long time. A roleplaying game cannot hold players if it is not good, and Rolemaster most certainly is very good. People in Germany enjoy the possibilities the character creation offers – only with Rolemaster can you create the character you had in your head exactly the way he or she should be. Here’s to 25 more years!
Right from the start we have made a name for ourselves by producing the Rolemaster roleplaying game line in full color, hardbound editions. This has been a first for Rolemaster world-wide. The German Rolemaster books can hold their own when compared to industry leaders like the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) books. Also, we are producing a line of soft-cover role playing adventure modules set on the world of Aborea. Apart from Rolemaster, 13Mann also has the German license for the Traveller roleplaying game, and we publish two lines of original games, the dark futuristic “Heredium” and the easy-to-learn fantasy game “Aborea”. Aborea was presented to the public at the beginning of 2014, it is a box containing a player’s book, a GM book, two great maps (one of the world Aborea in DinA0) and two D10 (all for 19,95 Euros). The game is designed to introduce new people to the world of tabletop roleplaying.