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HARP Folkways
Category:New Release
  • HARP
Type of Product:
  • Rules Expansion


- continue your journey on the new road to High Adventure

You can take a hero out of the Borderlands but you cannot take the Borderlands out of the hero.

Enrich your characters and your world with unparalleled cultural depth. Explore the diversity of cultures across twenty folkways drawing upon our world and fantasy classics. Make your own unique cultures by defining how they handle matters of kinship, authority and the supernatural, how they dress and what they eat, and more. Worked examples including cultures from Shadow World and Cyradon will inspire your creativity.

HARP Folkways provides GMs and players with:
  • The Twenty Folkways – a technique to create believable cultures for any setting
  • A cultural perspective on well-known fantasy worlds from literature
  • Practical examples of culture creation including examples from Shadow World and Cyradon
  • Eleven new HARP races
  • Six new HARP cultural adolescence packages
  • Ten new HARP professions
  • New skills and talents
  • Twenty-three new HARP training packages

  • A selection of HARP character creation software: Create, update, and print your characters without fuss!
  • Visit our HARP Vault, a treasure trove of free HARP downloads written by the fans for the fans: new professions, spells, monsters, adventures and more.
  • Visit the HARP forum. Find other HARP players, get answers to rules questions, or just share your HARP thoughts
  • You can find these and much more, at


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