Copyright Policies

ICE Copyrights

Copyright protection applies to the original manifestation of an idea, generally text or artwork or music that expresses said idea. You cannot copyright the idea itself. Only a manifestation of an idea receives protection.

Copyright Violations

A copyright infringement may arise when someone publishes text or artwork that is substantively a recreation of copyrighted material. For instance, if you sell a good that contains text or artwork that is derived from “Rolemaster” material, you may be subject to an action for copyright infringement.

The posting of PDF versions of ICE’s role playing games or any other Iron Crown Enterprise products, or even large portions of those products would definitely constitute Copyright Infringement. In these cases, ICE’s standard response is to send the owner of the site an email. This email requests that the owner of the site remove the offending files within 48 hours. The letter also informs the site owner that if they do not comply, Iron Crown Enterprises will send a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) letter to their host asking that the site be taken down. We specify the whole site in regards to the DMCA letter for several reasons. Some of those reasons include both legal and contractual obligations.

ICE would prefer not to send such a letter to a person in the first place, and we would definitely prefer not to be required to send a DMCA letter at all. Unfortunately, Iron Crown Enterprises is obligated to protect its intellectual property and such actions must be taken.

Fair Use

Copyright law contains provisions for Fair Use. This allows a person to use small portions of a copyrighted work for various purposes such as parody or commentary.

ICE also allows small sections of the work to be used and posted online when used in conjunction with other material created by the poster. However, it is important to realize that Iron Crown is the one who decides what is or is not acceptable. ICE reviews each possible instance based on its own merits.

Derivative Works

Basically, anytime that you create something for your own use that is based on or uses ICE’s intellectual property, you are creating what is known as a Derivative Work. Legally, Iron Crown Enterprises owns partial copyright to this work and can, if it so desired, prevent you from posting such works publicly.

However, stifling the creativity of our customers and/or preventing them from sharing their works is against Iron Crown’s best interests.

ICE’s policy regarding Derivative Works is relatively simple. So long as you are not charging for such work and so long as such a work does not contain large portions of text from our Role Playing games or any other Iron Crown Enterprises product, then ICE has no problems with you sharing such work with others.

In regards to computer programs and applications, please refer to the
Programs & Applications section.

Copyright Statement

When using portions of ICE’s works on your website (i.e. quoting), you should also include on the same page a copyright statement. This need not be right beside the quoted portion, but it should be on the same page.

The Long version:

Iron Crown Enterprises, I.C.E., ICE, Rolemaster, High Adventure Role Playing, HARP, Spacemaster, Cyberspace, Shadow World and Bladelands — and all products related thereto — are all trademark and copyright 2002-2017; properties of Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd, 37 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom. All rights reserved. Silent Death: The Next Millennium is a trademark of Mythic Entertainment LLC.

The Short version:

Copyright; 2002-2017 by Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd. All rights reserved. No reproductions without permission.

Silent Death statement:

Silent Death: The Next Millennium is a trademark of Mythic Entertainment LLC.