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AutoHARP Architect
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AutoHARP Architect is an application with which you can customize already existing databases for HARP Fantasy and HARP SF or create your own customized database for either system for use in AutoHARP. AutoHARP Architect is currently supported under Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as well as Ubuntu 12 and higher. Architect currently supports information for HARP Fantasy, Martial Law, College of Magics and HARP SF. It currently does not support information for HARP SF Xtreme.

The software works under Windows and most Linux distributions. Use the exe files for Windows and the jar files for Windows or Linux - note the jar files require the Java Runtime Environment. Note that updated versions of the executable are available via the developer's Sourceforge page.

For technical support for this product, please visit the HARP Software board of the ICE forums.

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