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Cyberventure Mission File for Cyberspace Shards of glass and metal spin away from the vid-phone booth as hundreds of exploding rounds are pumped into it by black- and silver-clad bikers. The interior of the nightclub is quickly transformed into a volcanic nightmare as the sound of the bikers' detonating ammunition drowns out the club's already ear-splitting musical onslaught. Patrons, grabed in psychedelic fashions, rush the exits. But they're too late. A firefight erupts throughout the building, splattering dancers, drinkers, bodyguards and bikers across the club's walls and tables. It'll be another high body-count night in the Sprawl. This Cyberventure Mission File provides you with four linked scenarios forming an extended cyber campaign. Starting off with a rough knock-off job in San Francisco, characters are swept into a series of adventures, which take them from Berlin to Bombay. Several NPCs and organisations which debuted in previous Cyberspace products find their way into the pages of Cyberskelter. Each CyberSkelter adventure provides you with adventure background, NPCs and all the schematics you'll need to run the following scenarios:
  • Cooking With Fats: Arnold Futzmann, the Sprawl's most notorious slave trader is about to get his comeuppance.
  • Berlin Tear Down: The Sprawl's premiere Kick Cut Cage Boxer needs a package picked up, but a group of United Nations enforcers takes exception.
  • The Twitch: What do the characters want with a $20 million shipment of Neurological Activity Controllers? Too much for their own good.
  • Izabella: The streets of Bombay are no place to start looking for trouble which is probably why the characters find themselves there.
Publisher's note: This product was created from image scans and its quality is therefore imperfect. It is a searchable pdf

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