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Sprawlgangs and Megacorporations
Category:Expansion Material
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  • 64

An Organizations Sourcebook for Cyberspace Glittering spires capped with entrancing video panels crown a golden-red, twilight horizon of empty promise. The Megacorp skyline rests in hovering tranquility above a seething gray mass of sludge and destitute humanity. Here, the Sprawl's periphery bears witness to the ultimate juxtaposition in human society: armed street scum interspersed with calculating corporate suits. Welcome to the territory of Sprawlgangs and Megacorps. Beware - the currency of exchange here isn't just World Dollars... it could be your life. This Cyberspace Sourcebook provides GMs and players with invaluable information on some of the Sprawl's most deadly inhabitants: gangmembers and corporate entities alike. Inside you'll find statistics and background data on the following: •20 Sprawlgangs: Ruthless bands of street people who challenge authority - not with the tact of boardroom maneuvering, but with brute force and animal cunning. •16 Megacorps: An international listing - these global powers control vast and irresistable resources. In-depth analyses of current assets and operations are provided. •5 Organizations: A selection of powers that fall into the slim gray area between the haves and the have-nots. •7 Personalities: An offering of Patron, Neutral, and Hostile NPCs that may be added to any campaign. Publisher's note: This product was created from image scans and its quality is therefore imperfect. It is a searchable pdf

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