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RMFRP Treasure Companion
$ 15.00
Category:Rules Expansion
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  • 140


Secure your hoard with the Treasure Companion

The wounded man knelt beside the gilded chest. He knew that inside was all that he had been fighting for: the wealth of kings...

Wonder how many gemstones are set into that bejeweled cup? Want to discover exactly what is in that Dragon's hoard? Need to know how many months and spells it will take to make that black eog sword of orc-slaying? If so, this is the book for you!

Expand the scope of treasure and wealth in your game with three new Alchemist professions-one for each realm of magic. Delve into the opportunities presented by 22 Alchemist spell lists. Gain access to the complete descriptions of over a hundred unique magic items. Peruse extensive guidelines for handling alchemy, treasure generation, magic item management, wealth control, divine alchemy, and the buying & selling of magic items.

Start spreading the wealth after you claim the riches you've been searching for - the Treasure Companion.

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