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Emer III
Category:Setting Material
PDF Price:
  • $18.00
# of Pages:
  • 210

Terry Amthor brings a new realm of Shadow World to life in this all-new region module for the continent of Emer.

The mysterious rainforests of Khûm-kaan and the plains of Onar are finally revealed!

Emer III Contains:
  • Two Jerak Ahrenreth Citadels: the Tower of Vour and the Ahrenæk, home of the Artificer A’kesh.
  • The Lost City of Zæn, including ancient Jinteni magic/technology: weapons, portals and more.
  • Maps and descriptions of the two ‘Isles of Glass,’ homes to the Green Dragon and the Seer.
  • The secret hives of the Krylites.
  • New maps of the region with dozens of new locations and cultures. New details on the Isle of Jade.
  • The timeline, updated and advanced several years with new intrigues and wars.
  • 25 pages of adventures and adventure ideas.
  • Encounter charts for hostile rainforest creatures—and plants! New herbs and creatures.
  • Stats for both Rolemaster Classic/RM2 and RMSS/RMFRP systems. Also a new Fantasy Weapons Chart.
  • 210 pages total, including an extensive index.

Southeast Emer as You’ve Never Known it Before!

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