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Fantasy Grounds is an application acting as a virtual online gaming table primarily intended for pen and paper style narrative role playing games.
Fantasy Grounds is designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing role playing games at a conventional gaming table and move it online.
Run RPGs as the gamemaster or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage information and perform tasks such as rolling dice, sharing maps and creating drawings.


  • A user interface specifically designed to capture the spirit of pen & paper roleplaying.
  • The Gamemaster can hand out sheets, maps, and notes for any or all players to interact with.
  • Role playing is easy with dedicated chat features.
  • Access all traditional paraphernalia available at the gaming table. These include dice, drawings, character sheets, portraits, tokens, and rulebook reference material.
  • Visualize tactical scenes using maps rich with features or create them on the fly. Draw on the virtual paper or reveal parts of maps prepared beforehand and place tokens to indicate player characters and NPCs.
  • The Gamemaster can create and keep track of all in-game information. They can also customize game assets and user interface elements to accommodate house rules.
  • Interactive fully realistic 3D dice.


Fantasy Grounds simulates the tabletop roleplaying experience by allowing players to control tokens on a map, chat and roleplay in character, update and reference the character sheet, books and notes. Players get additional gameplay shortcuts and enhancements, like the automatic calculation of certain values, dice rolls, chart lookups, dragging and dropping of spells, inventory items and abilities and the ability to send “whispers” to the GM or other players.
For GMs, Fantasy Grounds offers even more capability. Reference books are included, complete with full text, charts and stats. NPCs can be dragged and dropped into campaigns, story text can be prepared before the game with boxed text and spoken text, images can be shared with one or more players and combat can be tracked and managed with a built in combat tracker.
Lee Rice, one of the users of Fantasy Grounds for RMC, commented –
For me the melding of Rolemaster Classic with the automation of Fantasy Grounds 2 has been what I and several other players imagined fifteen to twenty years ago as our tabletop RPG group slowly faded into oblivion. At that time people were getting married and taking various jobs around the country, which was disintegrating the core of our Rolemaster group. Now after all of these years we can finally get back together virtually. In addition we can do so with the automation we had dreamt of for so many years! Character creation and combat in Rolemaster being slipped into this nifty little package called Fantasy Grounds is a wonder to behold after so many years of scratching away with pencils. With its flexibility to handle House Rules and GM quirks, and even let us dig into the code to add our own special features, Fantasy Grounds fits my gaming purposes near perfectly.

Whether one is creating characters, flipping through the digital Spell Lists, zooming in on battle maps to mark out strategies, or even whispering to players to let them know they’ve spotted something the others haven’t, the functions are slick. And what to say about Fantasy Grounds handling Rolemaster combat? Drag and drop your critters and gear, roll your virtual dice with automated chart lookups, drag your damage and criticals to your combat tracker, all the while keeping track of who is fighting what and where on battle maps you make yourself. Wonderful!
In addition to being great for long distance play, on those rare occasions when folks are back in town, its quick and easy to pull a few tables together and have a face to face game augmented by the mechanics of Fantasy Grounds. With all the potential that Fantasy Grounds 2 has to build upon the Rolemaster gaming experience, I hope to see more amazing things in the future that will keep me and my players looking forward to advancements that will always remind us of our great gaming past.
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