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Action on Akaisha Outstation
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  • Spacemaster 2
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Action on Akaisha Outstation is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.

Dozens of Deep-Space Outstations are scattered across the Interstellar void of the Terran Empire. Light-years from any inhabited worlds, they are completely self-contained. These huge constructs are fitted with extensive docking and repair bays as well as guest accommodations for thousands.

Located on the edge of Delta "C" Sector, Akaisha Outstation is on the borders of Devonian Provincial Space. Beyond is Imperial territory, and nearby are possessions of Houses Colos and Jade-London.

Because of this key placement, the Emperor has seen fit to "supplement" the Devonian staff with a few Imperial Administrators and security troops. This distresses Lord Devon to no end....


  • Complete plans of the Outstation
  • 16 pre-generated player characters
  • Details of prominent non-player characters
  • 3 complete Ready-to-Run adventures - (1) Break up a terrorist kidnapping (2) Aid an interstellar secret agent (3) Catch thieves dealing in priceless artifacts

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf.

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