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Raiders from the Frontier
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  • Spacemaster 2
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Raiders from the Frontier is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.

Graced with abundant resources, Jade-London is envied as one of the Empire's most powerful and wealthy provinces. Jadium, a metal useful in the construction of starcraft, can only be found here. Jade-London also acts as a buffer between the Imperial core worlds and the Idorian Star Empire.

The Idorians are cruel, blood-thirsty humanoids determined to disrupt the Terran Empire. Infamous for their disrespect of life and property, these pirate-raiders are believed to be responsible for recent strikes against remote Jadist mines. Plenty of Houses would enjoy undermining Jade-London's materials industry.

Raiders from the Frontier chronicles the conflict between House Jade-London and its various foes, including the terrifying Idorians. Provided are the history and structure of Jade-London, background on the Idorians, and 4 adventure scenarios which embroil you in the troubles of Jade-London.

As a space adventurer you can:

  • Uncover a conspiracy to disrupt Jadist mining in the hazardous asteroids of the "Ring of Heaven."
  • Transport twelve "special personnel" to a remote mining station.
  • Encounter a de-evolved culture which has sunk to violence and treachery.
  • Rescue the count's son and heir from Idorian rebels.

Rushing homeward from a profitable ambush in Jade-London province, militants aboard the Idorian raider 'WolfEagle' bask in their new-found wealth. Suddenly, a planet on a near-collision course interrupts the celebration. Miscalculations have brought the plunder-laden craft within a half-power thrust of Zoura, a quarantined planet with strangely variable energy fields. The planet's mystique has stimulated many a traveler's curiosity - but never enough to risk one's life for too close a view. The entire 'WolfEagle' crew would certainly breathe easier with Zoura, its flaring cosmic dust, and rumored dangers well behind them...

Raiders from the Frontier includes:

  • Background and Stats of Jade-London's leaders and personalities.
  • Planetary System Descriptions.
  • Descriptions of Minor Clams within Jade-London's sphere of influence.
  • 4 Complete Adventures, including layouts for an Orbital Space Lab.
  • One Full-page Starmap.

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf.

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