ICE Trademarks

ICE’s publications are protected by copyright and trademark protection. Trademark protection applies to the identification of goods in commerce. A trademark infringement may arise when someone trades in commerce with a product that is in whole or part identified with an existing mark.
For instance, if you sell a good on the basis of the fact that it contains “Rolemaster” material, you are using our trademark. If done without permission, this could constitute trademark infringement.
ICE is both legally and contractually obligated to defend and protect its trademarks.


Official Logos

Here are some of ICE’s official logos. They are available for promotional use and for use as link-back images to the ICE and HARP sites. These .png version logos are saved at 72 dpi for on-screen viewing, but if you want a higher-resolution version for print use please email me with your request. If you use the logo on your website or printed materials we also require that you publically post our copyright statement on your site or material.
Classic ICE

New Rolemaster Logo

RM Classic