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Reawakened Lands
  • HARP
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  • 3

First the Arali arrived, marching into the city in all their finery. Some of them demanded that the refugees acknowledge them as lords of Cyradon, and swear themselves subjects of Desnia. Others were apparently not Janieal subjects and lengthy closed door meetings of leaders began. The city began to come to life. The finds of food, workable forges and trade goods sparked the first sense of hope in a long time. Forges were fired up, and craftsmen began to outfit workshops. Rudimentary water works assure that everyone gets drinking water. The city became a very different place. And then another miracle... the Mablung walked through the Gate. They had managed to reactivate one of their gates in Anias and sent a colony of Mablung Dwarves through to resettle Blackflame, their ancient city. Both enemies of the Orsai, the Early refugees and the Malbung, found common cause and alliance. This unleashed a flood of closed door meetings. As a reward for finding the store rooms, the PCs were granted access to the crafts men's first new works.

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