Rolemaster is a very detailed, consistent and intuitive system. It is an extremely customizable skill-based system where character development is in the hands of the player as every skill is available to every player… but it also makes use of professions, as each profession determines the development cost for the skill. This allows every character to be unique and allows the system to be used with any setting. The official Rolemaster setting is ShadowWorld and is a richly detailed and exotic setting suitable for both veterans and newcomers. Spacemaster is a Rolemaster rules system in a science fiction setting for fans of science fiction Role Playing Games.
While Rolemaster offers far more roleplaying than just combat, the combat system is often one of the most spoken about aspects. The critical charts brought the idea of combat damage from simple numbers to life threatening strikes. Combat also moved from a basic dice rolling mechanic to a strategic decision, as the players are now forced to consider how agressive they wish to be, and how much they left themselves open to one of the death-dealing criticals.
There are a number of versions of Iron Crown Enterprise’s flagship Rolemaster system available, each offers gamers a slightly different gaming experience. To review the differences between the various systems, please visit our Past Versions of Rolemaster page. In addition to previous versions, the brand new Unified Rolemaster is currently in the Beta Testing phase. If you are interested in taking part in the playtesting visit our New Rolemaster Playtest FAQ page.