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AutoHARP Fantasy
$ 20.00
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AutoHARP Fantasy software combines a Character Creator and a Combat Tracker, both of which are fully compatible with HARP Fantasy.

The Character Creator has:

  • Full Wizard for creating new characters. Hybrid race creation included as well as full support for human based characters and clerical based characters. Full support for Adolescence and profession rank selection, cleric base spell lists and talent selection for certain professions
  • Easy access to character traits, offenses, defenses, skills, talents, magic, statistics, and equipment
  • Ability to print full character sheet with avatar, frequently used skills, RR information, Initiative information, BMR information, offensive attacks: both melee and missile, skills, spells, and equipment
  • Fully customized database written in XML allows the user to easily adjust information as specific worlds or house rules

The Combat Tracker has the ability to:

  • Create, edit, open and save encounters
  • Create, edit, import or duplicate characters which make up an encounter.
  • Customize the character's level, hit points, power points, Stamina, BMR, Armor, talent and shield DB, size, focus item, casting penalty as well as create a character that doesn't take stun, penalties or bleeding criticals.
  • Keep track of all spells, attacks, maneuvers, initiatives, character statuses, etc

The download contains the HARP Fantasy database and for convenience, a copy of the executable software application. The software works under Windows and most Linux distributions. Use the exe files for Windows and the jar files for Windows or Linux - note the jar files require the Java Runtime Environment. Note that updated versions of the executable are available via the developer's Sourceforge page.

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