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The Cygnus Conspiracy
$ 5.00
  • Spacemaster 2
Campaign World:
  • Imperium
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  • $5.00
# of Pages:
  • 36


The Cygnus Conspiracy is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.


Set on a rocky pinnacle in the center of an ancient crater, Cygnus Corp's Ardinium ore processing plant Number 27 glows a metallic gold in the hazy sunrise. It is a rare appearance for Tara's star, usually lost behind a curtain of smog and acidic drizzle. The weary, merely-human workers return to the plant for another long day of labour amidst the untiring machines built by their superiors, the superhuman Kashmerians of 69 Cygni. The Cygnans are their masters.

"Slavery thrives in this corner of the Terran Empire," cry, the horrified liberals in the Imperial Senate.

"We are elevating them to our level of technology and culture." retort the Cygnans (who fail to mention their poisoning of the planet).

But a billion people manage to live on backward Tara, and though it is a closed world, an amazing number of trade ships manage to slip through Cygnus security to smuggle their high-tech wares... to fuel rebellion.


Included are three adventures, set on an industrial, but technologically depressed planet within the province of Kashmere. Each involves intrigue and danger as agents of the K.I.N. (Kashmere Intelligence Net), battle Rebels and assassins of enemy Houses.

  • The Baron of Cygnus' daughter is trapped in an underwater mine accident! Was it an accident - or sabotage by angry rebels? She must be rescued and the truth must be uncovered!
  • A few replicants have survived the Antitelepath Purge of a few months ago. Are they special agents from House Colos sent to cause terror within the Kashmerian society, or desperate refugees seeking asylum from their evil creators? K.I.N. agents must beat the Colosians and capture the replicants alive!
  • The Conspiracy: Underground Taran leaders have devised a plot to sabotage the planet's defenses and seize control of the worldwide computer net! If they suceed, they could paralyze Kashmerian industry and bring the mighty Cygnus Clan to its knees. Can the K.I.N. thwart them?

Publisher's Note: This product was recreated from image scans and so the quality is imperfect. It is a searchable pdf.

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