Oriental Companion

Oriental Companion is your guide to using Rolemaster for the land of the Orient; an adventurous world with Samurai and Ninja. Rolemaster’s Orient is a hybridization of many Far Eastern cultures injected with a mix of fantasy and wonder. This book contains new Rolemaster professions, skills, powers, creatures, and items for the Orient, plus plenty more.
The Oriental Companion can be used to create a complete Oriental campaign world or to simply add elements to your existing fantasy game. It can be used to create a tiny group of islands off the coast of Emer in Shadow World, or for a continent-spanning empire in any campaign. Whatever you decide, the Oriental Companion will provide an exciting new setting for Rolemaster players.
Inside Oriental Companion you will find:


  • Ten new Oriental Character Professions
  • A complete listing of new Ki powers.
  • Guidelines for using Essence and Channeling magic in the Orient, along with new spell lists.
  • Descriptions for armor and weaponry of the Orient.
  • An Oriental Bestiary
  • Plenty of new Oriental items and equipment, including new magic items.

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